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About Mega Sun Power

Founded in 2000, for over 16 years Mega Sun Power has been one of the premier solar companies in LA, Ventura, Palmdale, Lancaster, Riverside and several other southern California counties.

Complete customer satisfaction, personalized approach and attention to details are our company’s intrinsic core values. We are providing the highest quality service as we enable our customers to save money, increase their property value and help improve the environment. Our team of certified professionals takes genuine pride in giving smooth, practical, eco-friendly and positive solutions to our residential, commercial and industrial customers’ needs.

All equipment and services meet both National Electrical Code requirements and  local building codes. Mega Sun Power offers a range of options toward green and energy-efficient solutions to all electrical power needs. We have extensive experience in building a complete solar panel system of all sizes on the roof or on the ground. Mega Sun Power installs them with interconnection to the utility provider so that you could successfully sell excess electricity.

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Mega Sun Power Message to Customers:

Our professional electrical services are available for regular residential applications and three-phase commercial and industrial needs. No project is too small or too large for our professional electrical team. We can also give installation services needed for an electrical vehicle charging station! Call us today to schedule an appointment for your home solar installation and start saving money on your electrical bills. Please feel free to check out reviews from other customers.