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How to Get Started with Solar?
  • Evaluate Your Home
    • Do you own a home?
    • Do you have roof space facing south, west, or east?
    • Do you pay more than $100 a month on electricity?
  • Get a Free Solar Saving Report
    Now that you have evaluated your home, Let Mega Sun Power give you a free in-depth solar saving report. After this quick analysis, you will be able to explore your solar options and make the right investment.
  • System Installation
    Mega Sun Power will take care of every aspect of the installation. Design, Blue Prints, Bill Analyzing, Pulling of Permits, Solar Installation, Rebates, Inspections and Finally the turning on of the system.
  • Turn On Your System
    After the System Installation you will be able to start producing and saving with your brand new Solar System.

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Mega Sun Power is a California-based solar installation company committed to providing high-quality services in Los Angeles County and SoCal. We believe in bringing affordable, money-saving solar technology to every household to improve the quality of your life. We guarantee unmatched quality of our solar services. Whether you want to buy or lease solar panels, we ensure the best possible solution for your electricity needs. Reduce your electric bill today by installing solar panels on your home or commercial building!